Cookie Policy

Last updated: 18/10/2022
We, Fresko Yapı ve Endüstri A.Ş., cares about your security and with this Cookie Policy, you
dear visitors, which cookies we use on our website, for what purpose
and how to change your cookie settings.

In order to provide you with a better service, what kind of personal data can be collected through cookies. In order to have brief information about for what purpose it is collected and how it is processed, please
Please read this Cookie Policy. For more information, you can check our Privacy Policy or
You can contact us without hesitation.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are used in order for users to use websites more efficiently,
are small files that are saved on their device. User information through cookies
In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 Personal Data Protection Law,
Users must be informed and their consent must be obtained.

We also want you, our dear visitors, to benefit from our website in the most efficient way.
and in order to improve the user experience of our dear visitors,
We use various cookies.

1. Mandatory Cookies

Mandatory cookies enable basic website functionality
These are cookies that make the website usable. Website
it will not work properly without cookies.

2. Performance Cookies

Performance cookies provide information about visitors’ use of the website.
and their preferences anonymously, thereby improving the performance of the website.
Cookies that enable development.

3. Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are based on users’ past use of the website.
enabling them to be recognized and remembered in their future visits.
and in this way, websites can provide users with language, region, etc. such as a personalized
are cookies that allow the service to be provided.

4. Advertising Cookies 

Advertising cookies are third-party cookies and
are used to monitor their behavior. The purposes of these cookies are to enable visitors to
To help show advertisements that will be of interest to their needs.
and the responsibility belongs to the third parties that own the cookies.

What are the Personal Data Processed with Cookies?

Identity (name, surname, date of birth, etc.) and contact (address, e-mail address, phone, IP, location, etc.)
Your information is provided by us, automatically or non-automatically, via cookies.
methods and sometimes analytics providers, ad networks, search information providers,
obtained, recorded, stored from third parties such as technology providers
and updated, within the framework and duration of the service and contractual relationship between us,
will be processed on the basis of the benefit processing condition.

For What Purpose Are Cookies Used?

Providing security on our website by detecting suspicious activities,
increasing the functionality and performance in line with the preferences of the products and services.
facilitating access to these services through the development and personalization of
uses cookies to fulfill contractual and legal responsibilities.
In addition, users can be brought together with wider service providers.
For this purpose, advertising cookies and information sharing with third parties are also in question.

How Cookies are Managed

After all these explanations, the issue of which cookies will be used is completely up to our users.
left to their free will. By deleting your cookie preferences from your browser’s settings
or by blocking it, you can manage it as soon as you step onto our website, or in the future,
You can change these settings at any time. See our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.
You can browse or contact us via e-mail address.