Atlas Copco XAHS 186 Diesel Compressor

Rent Atlas Copco XAHS 186 Diesel Compressor

Atlas Copco XAHS 186 is a high-performance portable rotary diesel compressor used in industrial sectors. It operates at a normal effective working pressure of 12 bar and produces a maximum flow rate of 10.3 m³/min. With its sound-insulated structure, it operates at minimal noise levels and has a long lifespan thanks to its oil-injected system.

Renting option provides a flexible solution for acquiring equipment tailored to your projects while reducing investment costs. With regular maintenance, its efficiency and performance can be consistently kept at a high level. For more detailed information about rental options for the Atlas Copco XAHS 186 Diesel Compressor, you can contact us here.


Atlas Copco XAHS 186 is a single-stage, oil-injected, portable rotary air compressor equipped with sound insulation and designed for a normal effective working pressure of 12 bar.

The compressor consists of a set of two screw-type rotors in the element group. The male rotor, driven by the diesel engine, drives the female rotor. The male rotor has four lobes to drive the female rotor, which has six channels to receive power from the male rotor. Oil injection in the element is used for sealing, cooling, and lubrication purposes.

The compressor’s oil system operates by pushing the oil with air pressure. There is no oil pump in the system. The separation of oil from the air is primarily achieved through centrifugal force in the air tank and secondarily through a coalescing separator filter. An oil level indicator is present in the air tank.

Regulation is achieved through a control valve that continuously adjusts the air production to match the air consumption. The valve closes based on the output pressure of the compressor element and opens based on the pressure in the air tank when the compressor stops. As the air consumption increases, the pressure in the air tank decreases. These pressure changes in the air tank are detected by the regulation valve, which then adjusts the unloader and motor speed regulator, balancing the air consumption and production accordingly.

The cooling system consists of a water cooler for the engine and an oil cooler for the compressor unit. This system is driven by a fan coupled to the diesel engine. Cooling air is provided by a fan driven by the engine.

Technical Specification

Absolute Inlet Pressure (bar)


Relative Air Humidity (%)


Air Inlet Temperature (°)


Nominal Effective Working Pressure (bar)


Minimum Effective Air Tank Pressure (bar)


Maximum Ambient Temperature at Sea Level (°)


Minimum Starting Temperature (°)


Minimum Start Temperature with Cold Start Equipment (°)


Motor Shaft Speed, normal and maximum (rpm)


Motor Shaft Speed, compressor no load (rpm)


Free Air Supply (l/s)


Fuel Consumption at full load (kg/h)


Fuel Consumption at unloading (kg/h)


Specific Fuel Consumption (g/me)