Elcometer 40C Contractor Portable Abrasive Blast Machine

The Elcometer 40C Contractor Portable Abrasive Blast Machine is ideal for mobile contractors completing small blasting applications.

Utilising industry standard remote control valves, grit valves and 1¼” (32mm) pipework, the Elcometer 40C Abrasive Blast Machine is highly competitive and easy to maintain.

Built to the same high quality as the Elcometer Performance and Performance HP blast pots, the contractor range of blast machines are cost effective, easy to use and Elcometer Engineered for reliability.

UKCA and CE approved, the machines are fully tested and certified to International Standards including PED 2014/68EU and PE(s)R 2016.

Elcometer 40C Contractor Abrasive Blast Machine – 12bar (174psi)

Kit includes:

  • 40 litre (1.41cu ft) Abrasive Blast Machine
  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • Remote Control Valve with Air Manifold, Exhaust & Silencer
  • 10m (32.8ft) Pneumatic Control Hose and Deadman’s Handle (DMHII)
  • Choke Valve and Pusher Line
  • Abrasive Metering Valve with Mixer T and Metal Pot Coupling
  • Moisture Separator


  • Maximum Working Pressure :12bar (174psi)
  • Valve Type :SGV
  • Part Number :M40B-G

Elcometer 100C Contractor Abrasive Blast Machine Spare Parts


ItemPart NumberDescription
1MT32050Pop Up Valve
2MT32051-2Pop-Up Shaft; M100B
3MT296111″ (25mm) Female Equal Elbow
4MT28617Moisture Separator Assembly
5MT3205311/4” (32mm) Pipe
6MT296641/4” (6mm) Bulkhead Connector (x3)
7MT32054-2Twinline Air Hose Assembly (Yellow & Green)
8MT28627-5Pop-Up Valve Ring (x5)
9MT32052Deflector Plate with Fasteners
10MT320351″ (25mm) Backnut
11MT296731″ (25mm) Female/Female Union Taper Seat
12MT320361″ to 3/4″ Reducing Hex Nipple (25mm x 19mm)
13MT320373/4” (19mm) 90° BSPP Elbow
14MT32038-23/4” (19mm) Pipe; M100B
15MT320393/4” (19mm) Socket
16MT320241″ (25mm) Male/Female Union Taper Seat
17MT32025-21″ (25mm) Choke Pipe; M100B
18MT320271″ (25mm) Equal T
19MT3202811/4” to 1″ Reducing Hex Bush
20MT296811″ (25mm) Exhaust Plug
21MT32044Remote Control Valve c/w Silencer and Union Elbow
22MT29656Petcock Valve Assembly – (Red Handle)
23MT3203211/4” (32mm) Male/Female Equal Union Taper Seat
24MT3202911/4” (32mm) Equal Pitcher T
25MT3009411/2” (38mm) Choke Valve Handle
26MT3203211/4” (32mm) Ball Valve
27MT3203311/4” (32mm) 60° Cone Male/Male Adaptor
28MT32043Silencer c/w Union Elbow
29MT28616Elcometer Inspection Hatch Door
30MT28613ElcoFit™ Door Sealing Gasket
31MT32049Elcometer Inspection Door Fixings
32MT32048Elcometer Inspection Door Yoke
33MT32047-2300mm Single Spare Wheel Kit
MT29603-4Contractor Decal Kit
MT32046-211/4“(32mm) Pusher Hose Assembly for Elcometer 100C Contractor Blast Machine