Elcometer 7410 Concrete Moisture Meter

The electrodes transmit parallel low-frequency signals that are calibrated to give the average moisture content by comparing the impedance change between damp and dry acceptable concrete.


  • It is calibrated ready for use on concrete.
  • Instant reading on a clear, easy-to-read scale
  • Completely portable, battery powered, non-destructive
Elcometer 7410 Concrete Moisture Meter

The Elcometer 7410 Concrete Moisture Meter is an accurate and easy to use non-invasive instrument for non-destructive measurement of moisture content of concrete.

  • Part Number : K0007410M001
  • Certification : Calibration Certificate
Part NumberDescriptionCertificate
K0007410M001Elcometer 7410 Concrete Moisture Meter
       Calibration Certificate supplied as standard
Measuring RangeConcrete 0 – 6%, Floor screed 0-10%
Substrate TypeConcrete, gypsum floor screed
Measurement Depth12.5mm (0.5”)
Dimensions155 x 85 x 43mm (6.1 x 3.3 x 1.7”)
Weight298g (10.5oz)
Power Supply9V PP3 battery (6F22 (PP3) type)
Packing ListElcometer 7410 Concrete Moisture Meter, battery, carry case, calibration certificate and operating instructions