Graco GH Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer

For three decades, contractors have relied on the GH line of petrol hydraulic sprayers from Graco for their exceptional performance and unparalleled versatility. Whether the task requires high pressure to accommodate long hose runs or the ability to atomize challenging materials, or high flow rates for extensive coverage, the Graco GH Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer is the ideal solution.

Model Name:GH 733GH 833GH 933
Part Numbers: Bare25347116U281
Bare Electric Start16U27916V25816U285
OEM Kit253473
Max. Fluid Flow – l/min. (gpm)15.1 (4.0)15.1 (4.0)9.5 (2.5)
Max. Working Pressure – bar (PSI)276 (4000)276 (4000)500 (7250)
Max. Tip Size0.065″0.065″0.053″
Electric StartYesOnly ES unitsOnly ES units
FilterNoEasy OutYes
Pulsation DampenerNoNoNo
Siphon Set – 200 liter1.25″ ID Nylon1.5″ ID PVC1.0″ ID Nylon
Interchangeable LowersYesNoYes
Pump Type – Xtreme Piston Quick-ChangeYesEndurance PistonYes
PackingXtremeSeal/LeatherV-Max Blue™XtremeSeal/Leather
Piston RodChromexMaxLifeChromex
CylinderHard ChromeMaxLifeHard Chrome
Tie RodSilver – 16U336Silver – 16U336

Model Name:GH 1017GH 2570GH 5040
Part Numbers: Bare
Bare Electric Start16U27716U27816U280
Max. Fluid Flow – l/min. (gpm)62.5 (16.5)26.5 (7.0)13.2 (3.5)
Max. Working Pressure – bar (PSI)70 (1000)172 (2500)345 (5000)
Max. Tip Size0.067″
Electric StartYesYesYes
Pulsation DampenerYesNoNo
Siphon Set – 200 liter2.0″ ID PVC2.0″ ID PVC2.0″ ID PVC
Interchangeable LowersYesYesYes
Pump Type – Xtreme Piston Quick-ChangeYesYesYes
Piston RodHard ChromeHard ChromeHard Chrome
CylinderHard ChromeHard ChromeHard Chrome
Tie RodSilver – 16U336Gold – 16U339Silver – 16U336