Rental Graco XM PFP Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco XM™ PFP Spray Machine enhances the resistance of structures to fire by insulating structural steel with Passive Fire Protection (PFP) coatings at high temperatures, thereby allowing for evacuation time. With data reporting technology, it enables the proportional application of epoxy intumescent PFP coatings according to manufacturer-specified requirements. The XM PFP is user-friendly, providing consistent temperature control and precise ratio control.

Renting option provides a flexible solution for acquiring equipment tailored to your projects while reducing investment costs. With regular maintenance, its efficiency and performance can be consistently kept at a high level. For more detailed information about rental options for the Atlas Copco XAHS 186 Diesel Compressor, you can contact us here.


XM PFP Airless Paint Sprayer is designed for Passive Fire Protection (PFP) coatings, which insulate structural steel from high temperatures, making structures more resistant to fire and allowing for evacuation time before the collapse of the building.

The Graco XM™ PFP plural-component spray machine offers data reporting technology, allowing you to confirm that epoxy intumescent fire protection coatings are applied proportionally and according to the manufacturer’s specified requirements. XM PFP is user-friendly, provides consistent temperature control, and offers precise ratio control.

  • Count on Graco XM PFP for accurate, on-ratio mixing
  • Handles two-part epoxy intumescent fire protection coatings from 1:1 to 10:1
  • Provides precise ratio control
  • If off-ratio conditions occur, the system will automatically stop
  • Offers data reporting for verification the material was properly applied
  • Monitors, tracks and collects data for: mix ratio, pressure, temperature, flow rates and material usage
  • USB port to easily download data reports
  • Accurate, on-ratio mixing reduces material waste
  • Virtually eliminates the difficult task of removing improperly mixed material
  • Offers peace of mind with “set and forget” parameter settings.
  • Structural Steel Coating
  • Offshore Rigs
  • Fireproofing
  • Structural Steel Coating
  • Oil & Natural Gas