Sagola 4100 Xtreme Ceramic Spray Gun

The Sagola 4100 Xtreme Ceramic Spray Gun is a remarkable combination of speed and high transfer efficiency, delivering top-notch finishes with XTREME aerographic systems. Its durability and high-quality components ensure long-lasting performance. Additionally, its ease of use and smooth operation make it the perfect choice for challenging tasks, such as high microns, high-speed applications, and handling abrasive products. When it comes to ceramic applications, this spray gun offers maximum resistance, while in vitroceramic applications, it enables achieving the highest level of refinement and finishing quality.

Technical Specification




20 x 19 x 4,2 cm

Product inlet

3/8” M BSP

Air inlet

1/4” M BSP

Maximum design pressure

10 bar

Air consumption Aircap 1.4[78]

410 L/min

Air consumption Aircap 2.5[64]

410 L/min

Air consumption Aircap 2.8[62]

410 L/min

Air consumption Aircap 2.2[64]

390 L/min

Air consumption Aircap 1.8[67]

400 L/min

Air consumption Aircap XT03

460 L/min

Materials in contact with the product

Stainless Steel, POM, Teflón, Nylon and Tungsten Carbide


(Ex) II 2 GX