Sagola Stucco Pressure Spray Gun

The Sagola Stucco Pressure Spray Gun provides a quick and simple application process, making it perfect for rendering or applying stucco. This top-notch spray gun is designed for use with render or stucco & gotelé, featuring a stainless steel fluid nozzle and needle that are suitable for water-based products. It allows for excellent precision in droplet control.

Technical Specification


161 x 47.4 x196mm (7.01 x 0.75 x 6.91”)


580g (1.04lbs)

Air Inlet Coupling

6.35mm (1/4”) BSP Male

Product Inlet Coupling

19mm (3/4”) BSP Male

Design Pressure

8bar (116psi)

Working Pressure

2bar (29psi)

Packing List

Sagola Stucco Pressure Spray Gun with aircap, needle & nozzle kit (supplied fitted), Hexagonal Wrench & Cleaning Brush