T2 Transfer Pump

Graco T2 Transfer Pump is a high-performance pump that is optimized for various viscosities and provides the ideal transfer rate considering the specifications of your equipment. It is reliable, durable, and an ideal choice for many different applications.


Graco T2 Transfer Pump is part of Graco’s family of transfer pumps and performs well in various environments. This pump is ideal for feeding chemicals to the Reactor spray machine or other equipment that requires liquid transfer.

This transfer pump is designed for different material viscosities and optimized to provide the desired output rate. It also helps you select the ideal transfer pump by considering factors such as the height of your equipment’s ceiling and the available air pressure.

The Graco T2 Transfer Pump is a high-performance pump that operates efficiently. It is also durable and long-lasting, making it a reliable choice for processes that require high-volume chemical transfer.

In conclusion, the Graco T2 Transfer Pump is an ideal option for many different applications, and it is the ideal transfer pump to choose by considering factors such as material viscosities, desired output rate, equipment’s ceiling height, and available air pressure.

Technical Specification

Pressure ratio


Maximum fluid working pressure

405 psi, 2.8 MPa, 28 bar

Maximum air inlet pressure

180 psi, 1.2 MPa, 12 bar

Maximum continuous outlet flow

5 gpm, 20 lpm

Maximum intermittent outlet flow

7.5 gpm, 28 lpm

Pump cycles per 1 gallon (3.8 liters)


Gallons (liters) per pump cycle

0.063 gal, 0.24 l

Maximum ambient operating temperature

120°F, 49°C

Maximum fluid temperature

190°F, 88°C

Air inlet size

1/4 npt(f)

Fluid outlet size

3/4 npt (f)

Wetted materials Stainless steel



21 lb., 9.5 kg

Maximum sound pressure*

88.7 dB(A) at 80 psi (.55 MPa, 5.5 bar)

Maximum sound power**

96.8 dB(A) at 80 psi (.55 MPa, 5.5 bar)